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Indianapolis Medical Facility Sanitizing Equipment

A Video demoing Indianapolis medical facility sanitizing equipment.

A dry steam cleaner provides maximum cleaning and sanitizing power to remove debris and destroy bacteria, germs, insects and their eggs where they hide. Even in the smallest cracks and crevices. Working quickly and effectively with very minimal use of water and completely without chemicals.

AmeriVap’s line of commercial and industrial dry steam vapor systems are a breakthrough technology offering highly efficient, affordable deep cleaning and sanitizing. Our culinary grade, super-heated, saturated, dry steam vapor generating system cleans and sanitizes most any surface and those hard to reach areas including stainless steel.

AmeriVap represents dry-steam vapor technology at its best. We offer unequaled performance from American-built brands including VaporBlitz, Blitzer, Xtreme SteamĀ® steam generators and Houdiniā„¢ cleaners, with a genuine commitment to every customer all backed by two decades as a world leader in sustainable product innovation.