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The Different Kinds of Indianapolis House Cleaning Jobs

Your home is an expression of the person you are. From entertaining friends to spending some quiet time alone. From enjoying family meals to offering a wholesome environment for the kids to play and grow in. Your home is all of this and more, which is why you simply cannot fall short on your home cleaning efforts.

This is one of the reasons why people choose to enlist the help of a professional Indianapolis cleaning service to maintain their homes. However, before you sign a contract for cleaning services, it is imperative to understand what house cleaning jobs you want done. The more details you provide will impact how they do the job and the cleaning service rates you will pay.

Why Use One A Time Home Cleaning Service

One time home cleaning jobs are often used for many reasons. If you are moving out of a rental house or an apartment after many years of staying there. If you have hosted a party or family gathering at your home you are bound to be faced with a significant amount of mess afterwards. You simply may not have the time or energy to deal with cleaning it up.

Specific services: It is also possible to hire the services of a home cleaning company when renting the house. This is so the tenants are not greeted by the mess left behind by earlier occupants. Along the same lines, it is normal for the landlord to expect the renters to hire for a one time cleaning job when they move out. This is to make sure the house is left in the same condition that it was when the renters moved into it.

Enter the professional one time cleaning services. They can clean up the mess created by the boisterous party goers. They can also tackle areas of your home that you have neglected over the years. These jobs are typically more expensive than contractual home cleaning carried out at fixed intervals every month.

Finally, home owners can also ask for special one time cleanings after incidents and events that have resulted in an excessive amount of dirt. For instance, after flooding or fire related accidents. These are specialized cleaning companies that are not handled by all Indianapolis home cleaning services. These home cleaning jobs are usually the most expensive since they also involve some amount of restorative work.

Regular Home Cleaning Jobs In Indianapolis

If you have pets or children, a cleaning service in Indianapolis can be the answer to all your home cleaning woes. Since professional cleaners have the tools, the products and the experience to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. They are in a better position to manage spills and stains on the carpet and upholstery, stench from pet urine and other tasks which are often a nightmare for the home owner. Most services will offer a discount if they are contracted for regular house cleaning jobs.

What do house cleaning jobs include?

The home cleaning crew will typically segregate the tasks into three categories based on the areas that have to be cleaned:

Bathroom and Toilets:

They will start by scrubbing the bathtub, the tiles in the shower cubicle and around the tub. The grouting will also be scrubbed clean. The vanity and the sink are usually tackled next. The mirrors and the chrome fixtures along with the faucets are polished. The fronts of the cabinets, the window sills, baseboard, doors and door frames and the blinds are hand wiped. The toilets and the drains are not only cleaned but also disinfected. Finally, the team will vacuum and mop the floor.

Eating Areas and the Kitchen:

After a general dusting for the removal of cobwebs and dirt, the house cleaning team will start wiping the appliances. The doors and the handles of the oven and refrigerator are included. The counter top will be hand wiped along with all glass surfaces and shelves. The window sills, doors and door frames, cabinet and pantry doors and counter tops will also be wiped clean. This is usually followed with a round of vacuuming carpets and mopping the floors. Finally, the chrome fixtures and sink are scrubbed and polished.

The Living and Sleeping Areas:

As with the other areas of the home, the cleaning starts with a round of dusting. Dirt is removed from the corners of the ceilings which usually harbor spiders and cobwebs and the chandeliers and other light and electrical fixtures. Furniture surfaces and decorative items like pictures frames are hand wiped as are the window sills and doors. The upholstery, carpets are thoroughly vacuumed along with empty closet floors and accessible areas around the furniture. Non-carpeted floors are mopped and wooden floors may even be polished.
Specialized house cleaning jobs

It is also possible to enlist the help of an Indy cleaning company for handling specific home cleaning jobs such as:

• Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning:

This goes beyond the basic vacuuming as special devices are brought in to deep clean the fibers with the use of hot water and cleaning liquids. The carpets and upholstery are then dried and deodorized.
• Air Duct Cleaning:

This type of service is specifically undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of the temperature control system in your home, which relies on clean air ducts to circulate through out the home. It also helps to improve the air quality within your home.

There are many Indianapolis home cleaning jobs that we can do for you.