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Is Green Office Cleaning In Indianapolis Right For You

A lot is being made of environmentally friendly commercial practices and this is not just restricted to manufacturing endeavors but also green cleaning methods. In fact, an entire sub sector has spawned around green office cleaning in Indianapolis. Despite this, there are many questions that remain unanswered on how environmentally friendly cleaning helps, if it does at all. So, here is a look at why you should consider green office cleaning, what it entails and its advantages.

What is Eco- friendly office cleaning?

Vacuum cleaners, brooms, wipes, carpet cleaning machines and all other equipment are still needed to scrub the commercial office space. The accumulated dirt and grime is removed by green cleaners as well as those cleaning companies that follow regular cleaning practices. So, you don’t have to worry about how it will look just because green office cleaning methods are being followed.

The difference lies in the cleaning products used in green cleaning services. They are natural as opposed to the harsh chemical solutions and powders which  regular cleaning services use. There are many advantages to using Eco-friendly cleaning liquids for Indianapolis janitorial services. One of the best reasons is a healthier and cleaner breathing environment inside the office building itself.

How do chemical products impact the environment outdoors and indoors?

The vestiges of the cleaning products used could remain suspended in the air for days after they are used to clean. Moreover, the molecules of these chemicals get trapped in the fibers of the carpets, upholstery and furniture. All of these could lead to a more harmful breathing environment, depending on just how harsh these cleaning products are.

After use, the remaining diluted cleaning mixtures are sometimes dumped out or flushed down the toilet. They can find their way into storm drains, creeks, ponds and rivers. often times they can even make their way to the ocean through sewage systems. Here, they have a direct bearing on the well being of marine life. Unfortunately, the harmful impacts do not remain restricted to the sea waters as they can be transferred back to society in a variety of ways.

The advantages of going Eco-friendly with green office cleaning!

One of the best reasons to go with green cleaning services in Indianapolis is that it’s better for your employees. Chemicals used in cleaning products are known to sometimes cause allergies, asthma, vision problems and be overall uncomfortable around it. In reality you are not promoting a healthier working environment through normal office cleaning services. You could be jeopardizing the health of your staff. On the other hand, Indianapolis green cleaning can help to bring down absenteeism and the clean breathing air inside can help to enhance productivity.

Your clients will appreciate the effort:

Many customers are now looking to buy from companies that are reducing their carbon and environmental footprint. If your business offers products and services in the food, beverage and health care sectors, you will find that your clients will appreciate the effort that you are putting into promoting a cleaner and green environment. In fact, this could very well give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Increase the lifespan of your assets:

Harsh chemicals are abrasive on wood, fabric and stone. So, it is not unusual to find upholstery and carpets losing their color and wooden floors requiring frequent polishing when normal chemical cleaning products are used. In contrast, with green cleaning, these assets are gently maintained which augments their lifespan.

Get insurance benefits:

Because you are making diligent efforts towards the long term health of your employees by incorporating green cleaning methods, you can reduce the cost of employee health insurance as long as you can prove to the coverage carrier that you have contracted with a company that uses Eco-friendly office cleaning services.

Earn reward points for going green:

The U.S. Green Building Council has a program in places known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Green office cleaning is one of the practices that can earn your business LEED points, which in turn get you incentives from the government in the form of tax and licensing cost savings.
A crucial point to consider when choosing green office cleaning is that the products used in Eco-friendly maintenance do not pose fire hazards that are typically associated with strong alkaline based cleaning supply spills. Furthermore, these green products enhance the longevity of vacuum cleaner bags and other equipment used in cleaning. So, your expenses on regular cleaning services are also lowered.

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 Eco Friendly Office Cleaning.

We believe that a clean office signifies a professional environment for both your employees and customers. We are a leader in the office cleaning industry with a firm commitment to protecting your business office and the environment by utilizing Eco Friendly cleaning products. Our services include lunchrooms, lobby and reception areas, restrooms, desks and work spaces. We also perform specialty cleaning services including exterior and interior steam pressure washing, upholstery and carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, office window cleaning, and many more from restaurants to law firms to medical offices! Green cleaning is the best choice for the environment.  We pride ourselves on providing affordable and reliable Eco friendly office cleaning services in Indianapolis. Call us today for a quote!