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Indianapolis Office Cleaning Tips

Commercial office cleaning tips in Indianapolis can be messy at times. The constant bustle of employees and clients makes it hard to keep certain areas clean. The amount of paper and computer hardware kept on a desk makes them a hotbed for the accumulation of dust and dirt. In fact, things can quickly get out of hand if the proper office cleaning tips are not used to keep the work area neat. Even if a cleaning service is brought in periodically for the more intensive cleaning jobs.

A clean work station has it’s benefits. A messy office will not only slow productivity but it is bound to reflect negatively on the image the company. However, maintaining the cleanliness in an office without a janitorial service is not an easy job, regardless of the size of the office building.

One way to keep your office clean is to promote a culture of neatness among all the employees. Work towards “daily cleaning” practices that can prevent clutter and dirt from turning into an issue. Of course, with daily dusting and DE-cluttering efforts, you will also be getting more out of the Indianapolis commercial cleaning services that you pay for.

After all, a professional cleaning crew can only extract filth from every nook and cranny of the building if there isn’t anything preventing them from accessing the area. Finally, regular janitorial maintenance also prolongs the life of the tangible assets in the work space, whether it is the carpets, the office furniture or the equipment.

Simple Indianapolis Office Cleaning Tips To Keep The Work Area Clean

Start the office cleaning at the desk level: The simplest way to ensure that every desk in the office is kept clean is to get rid of the clutter. For this, you will need organizational items like folders, filing boxes, pencil holders, book shelves, tissue boxes, paper trays, baskets and drawer dividers. Although, you cannot compel employees to limit the personal items that they keep on their desk, use a positive approach to promote your cleanliness drive by offering a small reward for the cleanest work area at the end of the month.

Encourage good daily cleaning practices and check lists. The cumulative efforts at neatness in the office should not just be restricted to the desks. Make sure that the public areas in the office are just as well maintained. Pay close attention to those corners that are prone to messes such as the kitchen. Put up posters asking everyone to clean up after themselves. This includes disposing of paper cups, towels and washing mugs and silverware after each use. If employees store food in the refrigerator, ask them to put their names on it. Assign one day for kitchen cleaning on which the stored items will be disposed of, unless they have a long shelf like ketchup and salad dressings.

Office cleaning supplies are needed for maintaining work area cleanliness. Never skimp on cleaning supplies for the staff. Make sure that each desk has a box of wipes and hand sanitizers so that the busybodies who grab their lunch at their desk, can handle the crumbs left behind from the sandwich and any soda spills.

Declutter the work area:

Paper can derail all your efforts towards maintaining a neat and clean office building. So, ensure that you designate one room or area in the office for keeping important documents. Go paper free as much as possible, this will help to reduce your environmental footprint. When this is not possible, make good use of a filing cabinet and folders to hold the essential paperwork.

Use the right decor:

When using plants in the work area, make sure that you pick a species that does not shed leaves easily. In any case, take the trouble to remove dry leaves and to water consistently. If you don’t think you can manage the maintenance efforts required to keep a plant thriving, go for artificial greenery which looks just as good but only needs occasional dusting. Also, use entrance mats to keep the dirt and moisture outside of the work area.

With these simple Indianapolis office cleaning tips, you can ensure that keeping the work space organized and neat does not become to over whelming. After all, by promoting cleanliness all around the work area, you will be providing a healthy and productive environment for everybody.


Learn how to clean Indianapolis offices. Use these Indy office cleaning tips training video to train your staff on how to clean offices.